The Company focuses on providing services in the following five areas:

Site Due Diligence Review Services

One of the most critical activities to achieve successful hotel development involves thorough due diligence. This process can identify critical issues early in the transaction/development review. It requires an objective and dispassionate evaluation. Services provided include:

• Confirm market conditions and potential for development
• Obtain/review environmental reports and title matters
• Determine utility service options
• Review current and potential zoning conditions
• Determine options for profitable development

Project Development Feasibility Services

Market feasibility of a project must be well established in order to attract investment/risk capital. Careful vetting and selection of project consultants can save considerable time and money throughout the development cycle. Establishing realistic budgets and schedules provides the foundation for proper financial evaluation of a project. Services to be provided will include:

• Identifying, retaining and actively managing the project consultant team
• Developing preliminary and final budgets 
• Creating realistic and achievable development schedules 
• Preparing financial analyses to support investment/financing decisions 
• Determining options for profitable development

Site Value Enhancement Services

Achieving the highest and best use for a real estate asset is a complex task under ever-changing market conditions. Careful evaluation and assessment can yield increased value from the underlying asset. Services to be provided will include:

• Obtaining/modifying project approvals
• Developing community outreach programs to support challenging approvals 
• Evaluating/analyzing current operating assets to unlock financial opportunities 
• Evaluating options to reconfigure/expand existing developments to create more income

Construction Management Services

Services to be provided will include:

• Developing a scope of construction services
• Coordinating/leading contractual negotiations 
• Qualifying and soliciting proposals from architects, engineers and general contractors 
• Facilitating team integration to achieve value engineering
• Active oversight of construction progress and change orders 
• Achieving successful project close-out and client acceptance 
• Financial auditing to ensure contract compliance


Hotelex Group, LLC will offer services in all aspects of the hospitality business including:

• Operations
• Sales & Marketing
• Human Resources
• Centralized Services
• Legal Support

A Sampling of Our Hotels                  

                                                                     Residence Inn Brickell                                         Townplace Suite Marriot